Of course it's crazy, I would say it's even insane to play 1,000 golf courses around the world, play all 50 states and 50 countries and 7 continents, but isn't that is what this life is all about?.  Doing insane and crazy things!

What is your crazy and insane thing?  What mark are you going to leave on this planet?  

I will be cremated and laid to rest on this hole #7 at Pebble Beach.  I almost died on #6 hole at Old Head in Ireland. Still can't believe I went down there to hit my shot, but you know a 2 shot penalty can cost you the match so you do what you gotta do.  That's my job, to help you identify your crazy-insane thing and help you design it, plan it and carry it out.  That's what living our dreams is all about, how can I help you plan yours?