Why I have a Coach!

Lets face it., without someone to be accountable to, most of us will skip the uncomfortable stuff and do what we already know; what is already familiar.  Who wants to take the risk of being seen, taking a stand, or making a mistake or failing at something?  Worse yet, what will it mean if I succeed?  Left to our own devices we procrastinate even when we vow that we’ll keep ourselves on track.  How many books have you pledged to read and do the exercises?  and what did you DO with that information that brought measurable results in your life?  While occasionally you can have a mini-breakthrough this way, lasting, sustainable results are obtained far faster and easier with the support of a highly trained coach who has traveled the roads you are now on.

           The 18 Holes of Mastering Life

                                The Course

                                                FRONT  9.               
Hole #1    Par 4- Pyramid
Hole #2   Par 5- 50 4 50                                                              
Hole #3   Par 3- Butterflies  
Hole #4   Par 4- Daddy of the Year     
Hole #5   Par 5- Cash                                                         
Hole #6   Par 3- Crazy
Hole #7   Par 4- No One Can See Me
Hole #8   Par 4- What Matters Most
Hole #9   Par 4- Free at Last

BACK 9.                                                                    

Hole #10  Par 4- Say Baby
Hole #11   Par 3- Pump You Up
Hole #12   Par 5- Soul Searching
Hole #13   Par 4- Climbing the Ladder                                        
Hole #14   Par 5-The Wicked Witch                                                         
Hole #15   Par 5- Gracias
Hole #16   Par 3- Follow Me
Hole #17   Par 4- The Conflict

Hole #18   Par 3- Shaka Braddah