This gives you a brief look a the exercises and activities for "Daddy of the Year"

Chapter 9:  Getting Physical

Chapter 8:  Steamroller 

Chapter 7:  10 Mistakes

Chapter 6:  Prom Night:

Chapter 5:  The Tramp:

Chapter 4   The Vacuum :

Chapter 3   Tornado Alley:​​

Chapter 2   Don't be the Screamer

Chapter 1 Assignments​:  Putting Mama back on the Pedestal.

#19  3 Points   #1 Valentine's Day: Do something wonderful for your spouse without her knowing
                          #2  Answer Questions on Chapter 1: 14-15-16
                          #3  5 Hugs to spouse during the day

"Would that there were an award for
people who come to understand the
concept of enough. Good enough.
Successful enough. Thin enough.
Rich enough.  When you have 
self-respect you have enough."
                                   Gail Sheehy (Author)