Hello, my name is Brent S. Wade, but most friends call me Fader. I have a passion for many things golf, business, and life. As a self-proclaimed golf freak, I have played 906 golf courses in 33 different countries throughout the world, as well 38 of the 50 states.   I eat, sleep and drink the game. However, as a young athlete, I really struggled with the pressures to perform. I often believed the mantra, “You're only as good as your last game." Among many other challenges, our current “achievement” culture can be overwhelming and even paralyzing.  All of us struggle to find joy in our lives, especially when we define ourselves by our accomplishments. Furthermore, our minds are filled with countless other false beliefs that cripple the growth and development we desire.  I have yet to work with anyone who does not struggle with the feeling of being "Good Enough"

Because of my own experience and struggle with this, I have worked passionately to answer the challenges and issues we face. I have worked with thousands of people over the past 30 years while running 10 successful companies and helping my clients find peace and success in their own lives. I believe that the tools and models that I have developed will change your life for the better when put into practice as they have changed mine. I provide both one-on-one and group counseling in finance, relationships, spirituality, health, social and personal development.  Having me as your personal Trust It coach will provide you with a deep and diverse perspective. We all need to be accountable and responsible for our lives. We all need someone that we can turn to during both times of struggle and times of growth. Let me be that person for you.

People ask me all the time, Why do I coach and consult and get coached?  The reason is simple and clear.  "I need help"   I want nothing more than to be the best dad, husband, business person I can be.  Are you ready to find out who you really are, and what you can really become?