You gotta change!  You're not good enough right now to accomplish that task!  You will never become like your brother if you do that!  You don’t have enough money to buy that!  On and on it goes! The constant amount of criticism, not being good enough and never accomplishing this or that is here.  

Day after day we wake up and realize that the things we are doing are falling short and far from where our critics and OURSELVES expect them to be.   Besides all this, does anyone know how to love us just the way we are?  Do we have to be all that before we are worthy of a hug or some attention?  

Janaury's Challenges

#1 Read Chapter 1 & Chapter 2 of Daddy of the Year book.

#2 Valentines Daily

#3 Daily Date with Spouse/ anything as long as it is intentional is good.

February's Challenges

#1 Valentines Dailly

​#2 Don't be the screamer

March's Challenges

#1 Slow Down

#2 Stop pretending your kids are trophies

#3 Parenting in partnership

April's Challenges

#1 Creating 3 places of refuge

#2 Identify where you are placing pressure on your kids

#3 Buy the books- "For Men Only"  "The Conscious Parent"

May's Challenges

#1 Read Daddy of the Year first 7 chapters

#2 Start the Daddy Dates consistenly

June-July and August-  Break.

Sept Challenges

#1 Become more Conscious

#2 Read Chapters 8-9 of Daddy of the Year

#3 Spend 5 minutes on my 3 year plan every day.

October Challenges

November Challenges

December Challenges

"Would that there were an award for
people who come to understand the
concept of enough. Good enough.
Successful enough. Thin enough.
Rich enough.  When you have 
self-respect you have enough."
                                   Gail Sheehy (Author)