You gotta change!  You're not good enough right now to accomplish that task!  You will never become like your brother if you do that!  You don’t have enough money to buy that!  On and on it goes! The constant amount of criticism, not being good enough and never accomplishing this or that is here.  

Day after day we wake up and realize that the things we are doing are falling short and far from where our critics and OURSELVES expect them to be.   Besides all this, does anyone know how to love us just the way we are?  Do we have to be all that before we are worthy of a hug or some attention?  

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Players- Here are the things I will be helping you to discover and transform during 2020  What is my part— I am trying to help my players create Freedom, create inspiring outcomes for them.  Drop 20 pounds- Re-balance their spirituality, enjoy better relationships- learn to run a business that they are proud of and love. Become supernatural.  Keep your promises

****We are not here to be fixed- we are here to Expand and Transform.

***Purpose= Aligning with who you are- noticing how you can expand-

A-  let go of others expectations-false obligations-work- passions are ?  

B-  What is authentic to you

C-  We all want to BE =alive and what your proud of.  — Relating to what we are- cared for- connection

D-  Create your aspirations

E-  Activate your potential

F- Being a role model to others- share authentic voice

G- Start Creating Meaningful Moments in your life.  Too many days unfelt leads to a disconnect with purpose

I don’t need anyone else to secure my happiness-I am not dependent on anyone.   Including your wife.

#1  "What's the biggest, ballsiest, scariest move I've been putting off making?" 

 #2- Outrageous goals



#3  50.4.50 completed and given 5 minutes every day

#4  Pyramid completed and given 5 minutes every day

#5  3 year plan completed and given 5 minutes every day

#6  8x8 completed every week and sent to me by 8 am Monday Morning along with 15 minute call in 

       questions and answers

#7  Get to your heart and consciousness = Transformation

#8  Change from Russ to ?  Brent to Fader- Scott to ?  by the end of the year we become another person by changing our believes and our personalities.   Allow ourselves to be what we are-not who we are…

 #9 Triggers- Like candles- Smudging- wearing Aloha wear-Lakers

 #10  One Person that they need to move away from- Toxic.

#11  Create and Inspiring Environment:  

1- Do they believe in me.   WE love having people around us that accept us.

2- Reduce their proximity to you 

3- Are they a past or future reference friend?  Talk about the future

4- Who do you have in your life that make you feel uncomfortable.

5- We get our standards are?  they dictate everything- example— people at a party and the birthday cake came around      and all 3 people have this standards..

6- ENERGY— are the people in your life- energy givers or drainers…..

#12 Magnificent Marriage-  ? That will help create and incredible Marriage

#13  Daddy of the Year — 

#14 Do your own Charity Card

#15 Valentines every day please

#16   Here are 10 ways you could express your gratitude today anytime you want to let them know they matter to you.

#1 Send a card/note: There is nothing as wonderful as the art of a handwritten, snail mail card from the heart. Whether you use a digital version of a handwritten card or pen and ink, it works.
#2 Give a gift certificate: Send them a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant or store, online or off.
#3 Spend time together: Absolutely nothing beats quality time spent together. Make time to unplug from the routine and electronic gadgets to gather together and connect.
#4 Surprise them: The possibilities are endless here. Whether you surprise them with something big or small, an unexpected act of kindness warms the heart. From flowers to baked goods to fresh fruit and veggies delivered, there is a way to send just about anything to anybody.
#5 Treat them: Go out for a meal, movie, or activity and treat them by picking up the tab. It doesn’t have to cost a lot; it’s the gesture that matters.
#6 Tell them they matter: Doesn’t cost a dime and you don’t have to wrap it. Call or visit them and tell them how much they mean to you.
#7 Buy them a book: Choose a book on a subject matter that interests them and send it to them as a surprise. You’ll be supporting their growth and enjoyment while also expressing your thanks. 
#8 Public praise: Shout it from the rooftops that they matter or did a good job. Recommend them online, praise them in a business meeting, or give them a shout out in some way that tells the world how great you think they are.
#9 Do them a favor: Without being asked, do something for them – shovel the driveway, volunteer to babysit, or support one of their upcoming projects.
#10 Gift to charity in their name: Choose an organization or cause that you know matters to them and make a donation in their name.

Faderisms:  for 2020 

A-  Dehumanization-  We are hard wired to not hurt one another:  Slowly doing it so then it makes it ok- and then we can do physical hurt to them.  Don’t be apart of it- and stand against it.  WE ARE NOT SEPARATE FROM ONE ANOTHER.  WE ARE FAMILY.

B- The rise of the WOMEN.  Many Pro’s and Con’s but it’s coming.  Be patient- they have been oppressed for a long time. 

"Would that there were an award for
people who come to understand the
concept of enough. Good enough.
Successful enough. Thin enough.
Rich enough.  When you have 
self-respect you have enough."
                                   Gail Sheehy (Author)