Major attributes of Leaders!

1. Unwavering courgae

2. Self Control

3. A keen sense of justice and fairness

4. Definite of decisions

5. Definiteness of plans

6. Habit of doing more than being paid for

7. A pleasing personality

8. Sympathetic and Understanding

9. Mastery of details

10. Willingness of assume full responsibility

11. Cooperation

******* Never force anyone to do anything

Leadership Failures!

1. Inability to organize and master details

2. Unwillingness to render humble service

3. Expectation for pay for what they know and do

4. Fear of competition from peers.  

5. Lack of Imagination

6. Selfishness

7. Intemperance

8. Disloyalty

9.  Emphasis of their authority.  Try to impress

10. Emphasis of Title