As a father it's crucial to lead by example.  Our children see the messages we are sending to them and to our friends, families and communities.  Leading out in charity will be of great worth to a champion as he finds his place in the hearts of those he serves.  Some but not all of my charity urges are found in my personal destiny.  It's a great exercise where you ask yourself "what does the world need?  what does humanity need.  As I searched my heart it was a great discovery to find my own fulfilling beliefs.  The world needed to be cleaned and humanity needed to understand and comprehend their divinity. 

Other Charities that I love are the PGA of America, Children of Hope, the Caddy Group and Just Serve, which are all driven by helping youth and handicapped and those who come from challenging situations.  What are your charities that you are fond of and what can you do to get more involved?  The level of service and charity we give to others is truly a reflection of the Joy and Happiness we feel in our lives.