2021 Trust It - Open Your Heart- Anahata= Unhurt.

Mantra:   What would someone do now who truly loves themselves?
January= Hell 
February=  I vs ME
March= Isolation 
April= Childlike
May= Beauty and the Beast

June=  Coaches Choice

July=  Players Choice

August= Hitlers Resistance
September= Emotional Neglect
October= The Shark
November= Feel 
December= Pain vs Pleasure 

Players:  This year is my most favorite TOPIC of all.  And the most difficult thing I have ever had to work on personally.  Perhaps that is why I appreciate and love it so much.  I am more excited to study and learn with you about this subject than any other. (Opening your Heart)

Questions to answer:  

1.  What is the thing you are most SCARED of ?

2.  What Hobbie do you need to spend more time doing ?

3. Besides SHOULD, what are 5 words I need to eliminate from my vocabulary ?

4. What is it that I don't want others to find out about me ?

5. What am I committed to achieving this year, that no amount of failure would stop me from doing it?

6. What do I feel I am meant to do in this life ?

7. What do I not know much about?  Pick 3 things ? 

8.  When do I remember feeling the happiest in my childhood and why?

9.  What makes me feel unfulfilled in my life right now?

10. If my house were burning down, what would I rescue-(not a person or pet)

11. What am I not taking responsibility for and I know I need to? 

12.  What would I try if I had no fear?

13.  What would I risk my life for and why?

14. What is it that I need to let go of?

15.  Who do I envy? and why? 

16.  When do I feel the most alive?

17.  What is the thing I am most stuck in ?

18.  What is calling me and tugging at my heart ? 

19.  What do I do that makes me smaller?

20. Who do I need to forgive this year?

Fader's Prophecies 2021.

1- Social decay, division between colors of skin!

2- Money exchange becomes more prominent and more separating!

TI-90X  Jan 1- April 1.2021 PULSE RATE= Pick 1 thing to work on for 90 days