TRUST IT TODAY:  April-2021    Childlike

When do we move from thinking we are not better than anyone else, (horizontal thinking) to Pride which is vertical thinking and that closes our hearts.  Keeping your heart childlike demands that we stay away from Pride completely and that we see everyone with eyes of LOVE and heart full of grace towards all of our earthly family.   Ask yourself.  When did Pride enter into my heart. ( It wasn't when you were a kid.

Remember:  "What would a person do who truly loves himself"  In every moment you can.

Trust it coaching  - 4 Pillars of Transformation: 

1- 50.4.50
2- The Pyramid
3- 3 Year plan
4- TI-90X 


love your personal private caddy-  Fader.

     2021 Theme:  Open Your Heart