Trust it- Trust me- I know it’s hard to think of little random acts of valentines when we have only been practicing a short time and Feb 14th just becomes another day that feels like all the rest. That’s the consciousness we want to create:  The FEELING of giving love in as many acts during the day as we can.  VALENTINES    To help you out as your couch- let me give you my top 25. (the more often she never knows the better-the more you do each day, the better)

1- Fix anything in the house
2- Mop the Floor or a floor
3- Vacuum the Floor or a floor
4- Help your child with anything- Mama loves that so much. beds-clean up-clothes-homework, run around
5- buy her something she loves and just put it in the pantry- I love it when she says “I forgot I had these cashews”  
6- leave a sticky note anywhere with a kind word”Thanks for doing the Laundry for us”  have your child write it so she thinks it’s from the child
7- Empty out the dishwasher
8- Oil a piece of furniture
9- Oil down the cabinets or just one each day for a week or two.
10- Clean Toilet
11- buy her anything online and have it just arrive with her name on it- 
12- Draw a heart on the mirror of the steamy bathroom
13- Clean her car- vacuum it out for example- or wash it
14- Take the kids and just leave for a few hours -
15- Just ask her about the 5 best things of her day
16- Just listen
17- Do any of her chores for her
18- Give her a foot massage- or back rub- yes she’s going to know- but this one is worth it.
19- Send her things in the mail- (I LOVE THIS ONE MORE THAN LIFE)  get her a pedicure coupon/massage-starbucks gift card and mail it to her with a note or not a note that says- just thinking of youenjoy—    put no return on it- send it from your office- she will figure it out eventually. but she loves it.
20- Flowers that show up to the house- with a note— not a love note— just thinking about you.  and deny you sent it— secret admire.
21- When you speak to her put your hand on her shoulder and look at her in the eyes- she will melt.
22- put $20 extra in her purse- let her think she just didn’t put it in her wallet— don’t do $50’s or 100’s because they figure that out.  I do this one often— it’s hilarious
23- put anything in her purse or her wallet— 
24- order food out and just have it arrive at the house- pizza-example— again… they are gonna know, but a valentine- a true valentine is one that comes from your heart because you are thinking of her.
25- Start the laundry- finish the laundry.
organize anthing in the house- game room-toys-a cupboard or two.
Clean up the pet mess
Wash Windows

Service in secret is so fun and really exciting. Sneaking around the house, doing kind things, is the best thing of all. You will be making others happy and that is a reward in of itself. Remember to do service with humility, is to do it out of love and not for praise or prize.  The good feelings we can create, is all it’s about! So, spread kindness like wild-fire!