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Brent S. Wade, otherwise known as Fader, is a master coach (or caddie) and renowned speaker. He believes everyone needs a caddie/coach/trainer/specialist to guide and assist them through life. He says "I would be honored to coach you, but if it’s not me, get SOMEONE!" Through his own life experiences, Fader has created a series of courses that fundamentally change the way his clients think and live.

This is what makes him different. Having dedicated the past 30 years to seeking truth and improving his own life. He knows from experience what it's like to create a masterful life. He has successfully created and managed 12 companies. He has successfully raised five amazing children. He has an amazing marriage. And he has three coaches of his own to help him continually raise his game.

Fader is actually not a fan of the self-help industry. He believes in group-help therapy. Because the truth is, we need people. We need help from others to see what we can't see. We are often so busy living our lives that we can't see what's stopping us from moving forward. Thus the need for other people to support and teach us things we don't know.

He is a self-proclaimed golf freak, having played over 925 golf courses in 35 different countries throughout the world, on 5 continents, as well 38 of the 50 states. He eats, sleeps, and drinks the game and has a personal goal to play 1,000 courses, which will include 50 countries, 50 states, and all 7 continents.

He coaches like a golf caddie, standing along side his players and offering them consistent and constant guidance that helps them find the truth. Fader believes that self discovery is the cornerstone of personal development. He believes you have the answers and he will help you find those answers using the tools he has developed. He has worked with thousands of people over the past 30 years so he's heard just about every challenge out there.  The tools and models he has developed will change your life. 

Fader provides both one-on-one and group counseling in finance, relationships, spirituality, health, social and personal development. He believes that we are to nurture all of ourselves, not just partial coaching in certain areas. Having him as your personal Trust It caddie will provide you with a deep and diverse perspective. 

We all need a clear purpose, competence to do something well and accountability to sustain our efforts. We all need someone that we can turn to during both times of struggle and times of growth. Let him be that person for you.  

Are you ready to find out who you really are?  


The Billions

How God Plans to Save You

This book saved my daughter from losing her faith in God and in herself. It's a message about how likely it is that the majority, if not all of our human family, will eventually make it back home to HEAVEN.

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Daddy of the Year

How to Get the most Coveted Award on the Planet

Among all the roles you play. The role of DAD is the most important. You win in this area and you win at life. This book will give you the keys and strategies for making that a reality.

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1,000 Courses

What I Learned from Playing 1,000 Courses Around the World

What would it be like for you to not only envision a wild and crazy goal, but to actually fulfill it? There are many things we aspire for, but it's rare to find those that have done the impossible. This book will help you unlock your own impossible goal and the strategies to make it happen.

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18 Holes of Financial Planning

How to Avoid the Mistakes Most People Make in Their Financial Planning

There are many outdated strategies for managing your money. And if you get caught in one of these "holes" you'll end up losing out big time. This book is here to help you out of the money lies that will keep you stuck.

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18 Holes of Mastering Life

How to Avoid the Mistakes Most People Make in Life

After all the challenges and successes I've been through. I've learned that there are 18 holes of mastering life. If you understand them, you will know how to create the best life for yourself.

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What Clients Are Saying

​​"Fader loves serving and teaching, he loves seeing me become who I am."   
- Adam 

"​​My Business
went from a good company to a great one with Fader" 
 - Kathy

​​​​​"I never dreamed the daddy of the year course would rock my world like it did." 
- Paul

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