Donate and Instantly Receive this Life Changing Book

All proceeds go to Trust It Charity (established to support our down-syndrome friends, like my beautiful sister Cindy - see below)


What we do at Trust It Charity?

This is my sister Cindy. She has down-syndrome and is one of my favorite humans on the planet.

Each year Cindy, and our other down-syndrome friends, have an assessment of their needs (physical, social, career, etc.) and then a program is built around helping each of them individually. 

This is not cheap. And monies raised from this book are going to help pay for this care.

So thank you for donating. This whole effort is a win-win. You get an amazing book for donating to my sister, and my sister gets amazing care to continue becoming her best self.


"Welcome to one of the most illuminating conversations of your life...The Billions is an exhilarating, colossal "aha" moment. Caution: Reading this book may trigger cathartic weeping."

- Laurie P.

"The Billions has completely changed my paradigm of The Plan of Salvation to one of life-changing hope and truth about the love of God for all of His precious children and His plan to get us home."

- Sharilyn G.

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