What do you believe about Gods plan?  What have you been taught about it?
What were you told as a child? 

What do you believe now?

Jot down a few of those ideas on a piece of paper.

My hope is that after we walk through these simple truths, you will understand His plan for you (and for all of His children) with greater clarity and with an increase of faith in Him and from a different perspective.

Why do I care so much?   Hi, my name is Brent Wade.

I have shared this message with thousands of people at this point, and I am grateful to share it with you. People ask me all the time, "Why do you share this with so many people? Why do you care so much?” The reason is simple and clear. All of us struggle to find joy in living. Our minds are filled with countless false beliefs that cripple the growth we all desire in our lives. It also causes us to lose hope in humanity.  However, I believe this message restores our faith in God’s perfect love. It gives us purpose in who we are, not that we just came to earth to be tested and receive a body. He has a plan for all of His children, including me and my family. And including you.

Part I---  How many children have been born on this earth since Adam?  According to estimates from the Population Reference Bureau (PRB), 108 billion people of our species have been born to this planet.To keep things simple, let’s use 100 billion.
Part II--  What percentage of children have died before the age of 8 years old?  Where are they now?
Most estimates find that at least 50% to as high as 60%.

Part III-- What percentage of the children that have come to earth have been born with some type of handicap or disability?    Where are they now?

The estimates range from about 10% to 20%
My youngest sister Cindy was born with Down Syndrome, so I know first hand what angels these amazing people are.
Part IV--  What does this mean for the other 30 to 40% of God’s children that remain?

What parts of the earth have most people lived?  In which Countries? 
The most populated areas have been Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.
Why did God place them in these locations?
Have these people been taught about Jesus Christ or about Christianity in these places?
If so few people have been taught about Jesus Christ, what does this mean for God’s plan?

Who will teach them in the Spirit World?  

Part V--  Now for the most interest question:  Why have you come to earth with a knowledge of Jesus? Why do you know him? Even his name?  Why do you know that he has a body and so does his Father?  Is this important in your being here right now?  

They say, ‘This is one strange Plan of Salvation that you preach, you Mormons. You preach that very few people are going to be saved and most people are going to be damned. And that can’t mean anything except that the devil is winning. He’s getting most people and the Lords just getting a few people.’ This is just about as far from reality as can be. The fact of the matter is, the Lord is going to get overwhelmingly the most people. …He’s going to get about ninety-eight percent of the people—maybe—that ever live on this earth [that] will be exalted. …The Lord is going to win this battle and…he’s going to get more—immeasurably—than the devil is going to get. …The Lord is certainly going to get the overwhelming percentage of the people who ever lived back into exaltation. …The devil isn’t doing very well in the long run. This just gives a little different view than is normally taken.” [Bruce R. McConkie, “Marriage and Exaltation, Part 1,” Lecture given at the LDS Institute of Religion adjacent to the University of Utah, January 29, 1968, Pp.15, 16 & 17.] 

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